We are extremely proud and excited to organize Nepal’s first international stand-up comedy festival!


From 16 till 20 September 2019 we will be hosting Nepal’s first international stand-up comedy festival in Kathmandu. During these 5 days there will bring together an unprecedented amount of comedic talent. With a total of 8 shows we will showcase an immense variety of talented local and international acts. Please check our program for more info on the shows.

Behind the scenes we are also organizing workshops for the comedians and stimulation international collaborations between the Nepalese and international comedians.


Stand-up comedy is booming in Nepal so a comedy festival is the next logical step. We are not just doing this to show audiences in Nepal great and entertaining shows. But also, to show the world that Nepal has a comedy scene which is worth wile.

A key motivation is also to help the comedy scene in Nepal develop and mature. By reaching a new and broader audiences but even more zo by having experienced comedians from abroad collaborate with the local comedians. We are offering young and upcoming Nepalese comedians the opportunity to collaborate with experienced international comedians, follow workshops and create lasting internationals relationships. Preparing them for bigger and better shows both in Nepal and abroad.


We are very pleased to have found a partner in House of Music, which we are temporarily renaming House of Comedy.


Well the how is simple: with a lot of dedication and help from others. We have found a strong partner in Turkish Airlines who sees the benefit of this festival for Nepal and are very supportive. Warsteiner has also been a great partner leading up to where we are now.

We are also proud to have both Comedy Tuk Tuk and Comedy Circle, two pioneering comedy groups in Nepal, onboard for this festival. As well as our international comedy partners Mad Bee Comedy and Mad About Comedy.

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